Approved for larger volume and better safety.

UAC containers for transport of CNG and biogas are equipped with our type IV pressure vessels. The pressure vessels are designed to optimize the volume, and due to specialized composite material used for their construction, they offer additional safety if compared to traditional carbon fibre pressure vessels.

The containers are approved according to ADR (and TPED), which are the leading standards for transport of dangerous goods internationally. Compliance with the  ADR regulations is compulsory in EU and other countries, which are ADR members, and is consented in most parts of the world.

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Overview 200 bar solutions

20 ft. hook load20 ft. ISO medium20 ft. ISO large40 ft. ISO medium40 ft. ISO large
Water volume1485014850181503060037400
Gas weight (kg)29702970363061207480
Pressure vessel standardEN 12245-3EN 12245-3EN 12245-3EN 12245-3EN 12245-3
ManifoldCustomer requirementsCustomer requirementsCustomer requirementsCustomer requirementsCustomer requirements


  • For transportation from mother stations to¬†fuelling/daughter stations
  • For transportation from biogas producer to consumption sites
  • For flare gas capture
  • As storage to handle variations between production and consumptions

Our expertise, your cost-efficiency.

UAC can support customers by estimating temperatures when filling and emptying cylinders or containers to optimize the solution, and advise on best procedures at different ambient temperatures.

When handled correctly, fast filling and emptying can contribute to a lower infrastructure cost.

There are many variables to take into account, when designing gas transport from production plants to consumption sites. UAC has a solid experience in designing transportation alternatives with a broad number of options, and can contribute with detailed calculations that would offer the most lucrative alternative from both financial and operational point of view.