About us


Umoe Advanced Composites is the leading company worldwide developing and producing low cost, large pressure vessels type IV and transport modules for CNG, CBG and H2.

The company was formally established on 2007, but the development started when UAC was part of Umoe Mandal.

Umoe Advanced Composites is a Norwegian equipment/service provider with the production facility in Kristiansand at the south coast. The team of personnel has long experience in the composite technology development and manufacturing and the organization have industry experts involved in business development and industrial energy activities, oil & gas, shipping and innovation processes.

Umoe Advanced Composites is organized under Umoe Mandal, which is a subsidiary of the Umoe group involved in industrial activities, service sectors, renewable energy and LNG shipping. Umoe Mandal AS is a subsidiary of Umoe AS. Umoe Mandal AS owns 100% of the company Umoe Advanced Composites AS.

Umoe Mandal AS is a development and production company focusing on advanced composite applications within maritime, oil & gas and naval industry – the main focus area is development of lightweight ship designs and development/production of various structures, components and equipment packages made of composite materials.

The Umoe group was formed in 1984 as a shipping and oil service company. In year 2000 it ceased its oil service operations to focus on the services sector and in recent years has expanded rapidly in renewable energy. Umoe’s growth is built on a countercyclical model of investment and development of companies over the long term. It is the aim to capitalize on shifts in economic structure, and the Umoe Group is not afraid to take risks in this context. The company is part of the UMOE Group, having €481 mill sales and 5.600 employees.

Umoe Advanced Composites (UAC) is a company with a strategic focus on development and production of type IV composite pressure vessels. The manufacturing of pressure vessels started in 2006 for the offshore market and pressure vessels as accumulation systems for ‘Heave Compensation’ onboard floating offshore units and ships (cranes and winches). The company has since 2008 supplied the drilling fleet worldwide (rigs and ships) with pressure vessels produced in Norway.

In 2014, UAC started a new development of pressure vessels for compressed natural gas, Biogas and Hydrogen. The first customer has been AGA (the Linde Group) for their natural gas transportation/distribution with pressure vessels mounted in containers for the Scandinavian market. During the first year of production, UAC has delivered pressure vessels (and containers) to customers in our territory, mainly energy companies.


  • 2004/2005: Development of composite pressure vessels started
  • 2005: Development contract initiated
  • 2007: The first deliveries as accumulators for heave compensation system for drilling systems
  • 2008: The first deliveries as accumulators for heave compensation systems for cranes
  • 2014: Development of pressure vessels for transport of natural gas, biogas and hydrogen initiated
  • 2014: Development of hook lift container solutions
  • 2015: The first customer agreement for transport of CNG/Biogas
  • 2016: Development of 20 and 40 ft ISO container solutions.
  • 2017: The first contracts for deliveries of 20 and 40 ft. solutions