Designed to optimize the balance between product performance, investment in equipment and operational costs.

Hydrogen is stored in compressed form either at production sites, such as electrolysis at windmills or solar plants, and at consumption sites, which can be industrial plants or filling stations for cars or buses. We can offer various storage solutions for hydrogen, both for filling stations and as bulk storage at filling stations, production sites or for industrial applications.

UAC delivers type IV pressure vessels with plastic liner, stainless steel endbosses and composite structure, made of high-strength glass fibre and epoxy resin. Composite materials offer several advantages, such as lightweight, non-toxic and non-corrosive properties, eliminating risk of galvanic oxidization.

Safety is essential when both storing and transporting combustible gases under high pressure. Therefore, we integrate safety aspect throughout the entire lifetime of our products, from design stage through engineering, procurement, production process and testing.

Flexible solution, unyielding safety.

UAC pressure vessels are tested to a safety factor of 3,2 – 3,4. 250 bar pressure vessel has a typical burst pressure of 840 bar or higher. The pressure vessels are approved in accordance with EN 12245 and prove a far better performance than the standard requires. This is especially important on flaw tests, impact tests
and fire tests.

UAC pressure vessels can be delivered for working pressures of 200, 250 and 300 bar for different volumes. Each pressure vessel can hold up to 2500 litres of water for integration in a storage or transportation solution of CNG / biogas. Larger vessels are designed to reduce the number of leakage points compared to those possible with smaller cylinders.

A profitable choice.

UAC’s storage solutions can work up to 350 bar. Even when filling pressure as high as 700 bar or more is available, it can be much more profitable to choose a lower pressure of a storage or transport solution in order to increase overall cost-efficiency of your storage solution. In addition to the initial investment in storage and transport units, compressor systems, piping and safety measures pile on further investment.

UAC offers superior quality and safety of pressure vessels at an impressive €400 – €500 per kg of stored hydrogen.

Quick facts about UAC hydrogen storage units:

  • Compression: 200, 250, 300 and 350 bar
  • Storage types: 20 ft. ISO, 40 ft ISO or stacking of connected pressure vessels
  • Storage per container: 226 – 898 kg hydrogen per container
  • Connections and manifold: per customer requirements
  • Container approvals: TPED / ADR / PED
  • Pressure vessels approval: EN 12245