Solving the safety vs. cost challenge.

UAC high-pressure CNG, biogas and hydrogen modules handle both the transportation from production to consumption, distribution from mother stations to fueling/daughter stations, storage of gases due to variance between production and consumption, and flare gas collection. UAC transportation solution is optimized for increased volume and additional safety. Our type IV fibre glass pressure vessels are much more robust, compared to traditional carbon fibre cylinders, and are fixed in an all-metal container for extra protection in case of a collision or an overturned vehicle.

Learn more about UAC type IV pressure vessels for transportation of CNG, biogas and hydrogen.

Quick facts about UAC transport modules:

UAC transport modules ISO container
  • Fully-metal container for increased safety
  • Type IV pressure vessels in robust fibre glass,
    size 600 - 2 400 (l) per vessel
  • Pressure vessels certified for wide gas temperature tolerances (from – 40°C to + 65°C)
  • Fixation according to ISO668 or SS3021 / SFS4417
  • Customized manifold solutions
  • Approved without relief device, but thermal and/or pressure relief device can be added
  • Type approved according to EN12245, ADR and TPED
  • ISO containers can be delivered in compliance with CSC requirements