Cost-efficient and greener road ahead.

There is an increased interest in using hydrogen, biogas and CNG as fuel for trains to partly or fully replace diesel. Although using hydrogen as fuel is still at its development phase, we strongly believe that this is the way toward a more environmentally friendly and cost-efficient future.

UAC pressure vessels are well suited for train applications due to the combination of low weight of glass fiber composite structure and an exceptionally robust design. While their low weight means the tender can utilize entire space for gas storage. Our pressure vessels achieve quick dual fueling time of just one hour.

UAC pressure vessels are certified for land transport in accordance with ADR requirements.

Pressure vessels for hydrogen tenders.

Hydrogen can be used to replace diesel where electricity is not available in a combination with fuel cells and batteries. This can be realized by using a tender with hydrogen. UAC’s composite pressure vessels are well suited for this purpose and UAC has the knowledge to optimize filling the tender using as little time as possible.

CNG for dual fuel train solutions.

Where today diesel is used as fuel for trains, a solid potential is presented, both for reduction in CO2 emissions and better cost-savings, through converting an engine to use natural gas, or a mixture of natural gas and diesel. Rebuilding an existing engine for dual fuel application is a low cost investment, however, the long-term ROI can be both economically and ecologically feasible.

UAC participate in test projects in USA where the performance of a dual fuel engine and train solution using 80% natural gas and only 20% diesel is evaluated. The expected results are a financially attractive solutions with minimal operational consequences.

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