Pressure vessels and container design tailored for safe and cost-efficient logistics.

We are breaking new ground by offering an optimal solution for storage and road transportation of large volumes of compressed natural gas.

UAC pressure vessels are extremely well suited for on-road transportation of compressed gas due to lightweight, yet highly robust material and smart design of the modules that accommodates all safety measures and offers optimized space utilization for larger volume gas transportation. Our pressure vessels may be optimized for installations on trailers and different types of containers for quick loading and unloading.

UAC pressure vessels for on-road transportation are available in standard sizes of 20 ft – 45 ft, and may be customized to meet individual customer and/or regulatory requirements.

We supply hook lift containers for the European market in accordance with ADR. The advantage of hook load container is that it can be loaded and unloaded by the equipment on the truck, also onto a trailer, proving this to be a more flexible and operationally viable solution.

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