Umoe Advanced Composites (UAC) is the leading supplier of large pressure vessels of type IV and transportation modules for CNG, biogas and hydrogen worldwide. We offer highly advanced solutions, uncompromising quality and highly competitive prices.

Since 2006, our strategic focus has been on R&D and specialized production methods of large composite type IV pressure vessels for storage of compressed natural gas (CNG). We have since been supplying composite cylinders for a variety of applications in the marine and offshore sectors.

Since 2008, we have been supplying pressure vessels to high-spec semi-submersible oil rigs and drill ships, operating worldwide. We have supplied numerous units, such as accumulation systems for Active Heave Compensation for subsea cranes and winches onboard vessels and rigs. Up to now, Umoe Advanced Composites has delivered close to 3000 pressure vessels to the offshore sector worldwide.

In 2014, we began developing pressure vessels for transportation of compressed biogas (CBG) and hydrogen gas. Since, we have delivered pressure vessels and containers to a large number of customers in the Nordic countries, mainly energy companies. We are proud to call AGA (the Linde Group), our largest customer of container-mounted CNG pressure vessels for transportation and distribution in Scandinavia.

Our team of industry experts consists of highly skilled engineers and production specialists that hold more than two decades of experience in composite technology development and manufacturing professionals from industrial energy, shipping, oil & gas, business development and innovation sectors.

UAC is committed to utilizing its specialized expertise and continuous R&D efforts in close partnership with national and international research organizations and certification bodies, in order to offer its customers’ safe, sustainable and most cost-efficient solutions. We believe that our products can substantially contribute to our client’s aim to implement efficient technology that minimizes emissions and adds to a cleaner environment for us all.

Our modern engineering and production facilities are located in Kristiansand, in southern Norway.


UAC is a subsidiary of Umoe Mandal, which is a part of Umoe Group – one of Norway’s largest privately owned investment companies with focus on green energy, service and real estate sectors, forestry, shipping and shipbuilding.