Transport modules that offer flexibility, efficiency and safety.

UAC transportation modules are equipped with type IV fibreglass pressure vessels and offer highest safety levels in high pressure transportation of large volumes of hydrogen, combined with an unrivaled price per kg of hydrogen. UAC hydrogen transport solutions are type approved according to EN 12245, ADR and TPED. ISO containers can be delivered in compliance with CSC requirements.

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Transport modules for Hydrogen - Overview

Container sizeUnit20' Hook MEGC Standard20' ISO Standard20' ISO High Cube40' ISO Standard40' ISO High Cube45' ISO Standard45' ISO High CubeRemark
Number of cylinders#991118221822
Cylinder volumel1 6501 6501 6501 7001 7001 9251 925
Total storage volume (Wc)l14 85014 85018 15030 60037 40034 65042 350
Storage capacity (Wp 200 bar)kg222222271457558517632@15C
Storage capacity (Wp 250 bar)kg269269329555678628768@15C
Storage capacity (Wp 300 bar)kg314314383647791732895@15C
Storage capacity (Wp 350 bar)kg3563564357348978311 016@15C